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Blind Explanations

With so many blinds to choose from now we created a handy guide below.

We have many different types of blinds on offer- Roman blinds, Vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, wooden Venetian blinds, Roller blinds, Velux blinds, Shutters, Sonette, Silhouette, Pirouette, Visage & Allusion blinds.


Points To Remember


  • Are your windows tilt & turn (open in the way)?

We would advise Perfect Fit/Intu framing or fitting blinds on the outside of the window recess. Fitting in the recess will block you from opening your windows fully.

  • Do you want your blind to be fitted inside the window recess or outside?

We prefer to fit roman blinds outside of the window recess in lieu of curtains as they are to dress the window but some blinds such as Venetians generally fit nicely into the window recess. 

The window recess is the space between the glass and the wall, the window cavity. 


Left: Outside recess, right: inside recess


  • Do you have a deep enough recess for the blind you would like?

Some blind cassettes can require 50mm plus bracket space to fit so make sure that you have the space. Don’t forget about window handles too, you don’t want the blind to hit these.

  • What is the purpose of your blind?

Some blinds are decorative for window dressing and some need to keep out as much light as possible. Some blinds such as Venetian blinds always let some light in. 

  • How big is your window?

Blind types like pleated are great for smaller windows as they stack neatly whereas vertical blinds work well on large windows. Some blind and/or fabrics types have maximum widths and drops. If you take a rough width and drop into our showroom then it can help with enquiries. 


Roman Blinds

Often referred to as the blind with folds, roman blinds are made from curtain fabrics so there is a great deal of choice in fabrics to suit your decor. Romans are great for dressing a room, especially when there is a radiator underneath the window preventing long curtains. They can be made with blackout or thermal lining if preferred and can come motorized. Our roman blinds are hand finished by our seamstresses to a waterfall layering effect.


Roman blind


Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can also be called louvre blinds or slats and are popular due to their ability to tilt to keep the sun out of your eyes but still allow light in. They are available in an 89mm slat or some fabrics also come in a bigger 127mm slat. We also sell Vertical headrails made to measure and Vertical slats by themselves. Bring in an existing slat into our showroom and we can give you a price for replacement slats. Vertical blinds come with bottom chains as standard but some fabrics have the option of sewn in bottom weights. Any slats size of Vertical blinds are great for wide windows.


Vertical blinds from Luxaflex



Venetian Blinds – Metal, Fauxwood & Wood

Venetian blinds are made from horizontal slats joined by string tape and are another great option for tilting without blocking all of the light out of a room.

They come in 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 70mm slats with 25mm being the standard option for metal and 50mm being the most popular option for wooden venetians.

Venetians come in a vast range of colours but you can also get these made to RAL colours if you want them to match exactly. Metal venetian blinds can also come in Perfect Fit & Intu framing.

Fauxwood Venetians are made of high quality PVC and are good for high moisture areas such as bathrooms, en-suites and kitchens.

Wooden, fauxwood & some metal venetian blinds have the option of tapes down the blind where the strings are & you can choose the colour you would like.


Wooden Venetian blind with tapes (Sunwood)
Metal Venetian blind


Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are probably the most popular blind we sell due to a large range of fabrics and because they are both decorative but functional. Some fabrics have a blackout backing to keep the light from coming through & there are many options to personalise your blind such as cassettes/fascias, different bottom bars, motorization options and trims.

Our roller blinds can also come in Perfect Fit & Intu framing.



Duo/Day & Night Roller blinds

A Duo is a ‘double roller blind’. Its effect comes from shifting fabric stripes up and down past each other. When the two transparent voile bars line up, light gets through and when the fabric lines up, it blocks out light. This gives you the style of a roller blind with the versatility of a venetian or vertical blind as you decide how much light to let in. We have several ranges of this blind type such as Senses Mirage, Louvolite Vision Duo, Luxaflex Twist & Luxaflex Multishade. Each type has their own fabrics and cassette options.




Pleated & Duette Shades


Pleated blinds come in two forms – plisse & duette. A plisse pleated blind has a single 20mm pleated layer of fabric that a cord runs through so offers a small stack size when lifted & a duette blind has a honeycomb structure so that the cords are hidden and there are no holes letting light in.

Heat reflective coatings are available for enhanced sun protection making Plissé an ideal solution for conservatories and other window applications where intense, direct sunlight is a factor. These blinds also have a range of fire retardant fabrics where this is required.

Many duette shades can be highly energy efficient as the shades built-in insulating characteristics help keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter. Highly versatile, Duette Shades are available in hundreds of colours and a wide variety of semi-opaque and opaque fabrics. The air layer in the cell works like an insulating blanket.

These blinds also have several different types of operation to suit your needs. From motorized to literise, smartcord to a standard cord there will be one for you. We can fix them onto doors and windows next to the glass using tensioned guide wires for a seamless fit.

Can also come in Perfect Fit & Intu framing.



Velux Blinds

We are an official Velux blind stockist & can also make other blinds to suit these windows. Velux blinds come as rollers, pleated, duette and venetians and most have blackout options to choose from as well as translucent colours. You can find your window code from the top of your window then come in to our showroom to see sample colours.


Allusion Blinds

Allusion blinds offer the ultimate in shading flexibility and privacy. Made with a stunning combination of sheer and opaque textured fabric Allusion blinds look particularly stunning in larger windows, bi-folding and patio doors.

Cleverly combining the delicacy of a voile fabric with the versatility of rotating vertical louvres, Allusion looks sensational and offers a number of light and privacy options.

With the fabric vanes open during the day you can still enjoy your view, you can even walk through the blind to your outside space whilst still retaining the ambience. When the blinds are closed at night you can have total privacy, warmth and security.



Internal Shutters

Control light and privacy while feeling confident that shutters are also energy efficient, fire retardant and child safe (no cords).

We sell and install both real wood & faux wood internal shutters. Resisting damaging effects of moisture, faux wood shutters are a perfect choice for wet or humid environments and are ideal in kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms.

Both of our shutter collections- Luxaflex Kingsway & Santa Fe- are stylish and versatile with classic good looks with long-lasting finishes. Louvres widths – available in 63/64mm, 76mm and 89mm louvres.

Full height – full height panels are supplied with an intermediate rail. This provides added stability and better light control as there are two sets of independently controlled louvres.

Tier on tier – The ultimate in light control.

Café – Perfect for overlooked windows to give privacy and allow natural light to enter the room.



Sonette Shades

Luxaflex® Sonnette™ Shades combine the simplicity of a roller blind with the insulating design of a honeycomb blind. The softly contoured fabrics have a unique aesthetic that adds add style to any décor.

Two layers of luxurious fabrics softly diffuse light creating a beautiful glow at the window. Sonnette™ Shade add elegant style to every room and window.

The Sonnette™ Shades are available in two opacities—semi-opaque, which softly diffuses light; and room darkening, which blocks light and affords you privacy. Beautiful design and innovation, all in one.



Silhouette Shades

Light as silk, elegant as a curtain, practical as a Venetian Blind, innovative 75mm Silhouette® Shades from Luxaflex® are a unique, exceedingly beautiful decorative shade that allows you to let in the precise amount of filtered light you desire. Featuring soft rotating fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabric layers, Silhouette® Shades lets you create an endless variety of moods and atmosphere with softly filtered light. Silhouette Shades are operated with a single pull cord, controlling the raising and lowering of the blind, together with the tilting of the vanes. A strong, endless cord ensures a smooth and quiet action, complimented by a colour coordinated cord weight.

Silhouette Shades shield furnishings and wood floors from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, even when the vanes are open. The Shades provide up to 88% UV protection with the vanes open and 99% with the vanes closed. Every visible part will be produced in colour coordinated tones, from the headrail to bottom rail plus the cords and weights.


Pirouette Shades

Luxaflex Pirouettes feature fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing that appear to be floating, drawing light into any room. When closed, they look just like a contemporary shade.

Transform harsh exterior light by diffusing it, spreading it evenly throughout your room, so you can maximise daylight hours and reduce the need for artificial light. Available in fabric opacities, from translucent to room darkening and in a wide range of contemporary colours. Our beautiful sheer fabrics also softly filter out brightness, glare and UV rays- protecting furniture and flooring from fading.


Visage Shades

Louvolite Visage blinds revolutionise the way light and privacy is controlled, bringing a soft and soothing ambiance to your room. Visage is made of two layers of soft fabric connected by horizontal sheer vanes that gently filter sunlight whilst maintaining different levels of privacy and UV protection as the blind is raised and lowered.

Operating the blind is much like a venetian – it can be fully raised to give a full outside view, it can be lowered with the sheer vanes ‘open’, or it can be fully closed in the evening.


Shaped & Roof Window Blinds

We sell pleated/duette, roller and vertical blinds suitable for shaped windows. We also sell roof blinds for Velux, Fakro and similar windows.

Please note that we do not offer motorized or Perfect Fit options on these blinds.


Shaped roller blinds
Shaped pleated blind